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Observeur du design 12

Fibroscan 502 Touch, matériel médical

Instructions for use
Fibroscan 502 Touch facilitates examination and offers enhanced management of patient data. It is equipped with a highly intuitive ergonomic interface and a large-scale, vertical, touch-sensitive screen. A major innovation (much anticipated by liver specialists the world over), it can quantify steatosis (accumulation of a fat called triglyceride in the liver cell itself).

This project's point of departure was to come up with a new version of Fibroscan (created in 2004). The remit was to create a profiled, ground-breaking machine which would offer new functions. The designers worked on the ergonomics of the man-machine interface as well as the mechanical design and the choice of materials.

For the form
One of the key challenges on the project was to keep volumes proportionate, balanced, stable and independent in order to facilitate the service while remaining identifiable in the room without taking up too much space. A vertical and touch-sensitive 17-inch screen centralising all functions replaced the 12-inch screen and keyboard.
Design:Nova Design
Designers:Olivier Jeanjean, Nova Design
Claire Ollagnon, Intactile Design
Company / Editor:Echosens
Design date:06/2009
Protections: modèle déposé
Sur : La technologie
Numéro de dépôt de brevet : 0210104
Numéro de brevet : 2843290
Materials:Aluminium, verre
Weight:37 kg
Length: 680 mm
Width:610 mm
Height:1350 mm
Indicative unit sales price :70000 € (tax incl)
Main awards :Chercheur année 2007
JANUS 2004 pour la version 1 du Fibroscan
Frost et Sullivan 2007

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